We left HHI the morning after our first guests (other than Sam and his Dad) left and we were glad to be underway. Although it sure was fun having someone here (and having nothing breaking!)

We went fishing for mackerel with live bait, but caught a shark.

We had a very nice time sailing, swimming, beach walking and just generally slowing down for a couple of days!

But we jump ahead. We left you in Daytona Fl without knowing what we were going to do.

After a wonderful motor sail up the Intracoastal, we pulled into St. Augustine to see two replica Spanish 18th century era ships docked at the municipal marina. One was a huge Galleon (they carried the gold from Mexico back to Spain) and one was a Caravel similar to the ships that went with Magellan around the world. It was cool. And we are so sorry but we were looking so hard we forgot to take pictures!

We found an anchorage in a tight little spot on the beach side and stayed for a day to run Goose on the beach a lot, hit the grocery store and decide what to do.

With cooperating weather, we headed out the inlet a week ago Thursday, and set a course for Hilton Head Island. This short overnighter was 146 miles and the farthest offshore was only 28 miles. We could see the glow from the cities like Brunswick and Savanannah easily at sea.

Several fish jumped on the lure we are always dragging. We pulled in a Barracuda, but usually do not eat them although I have heard they are good eating away from the reefs. You can see how absolutely calm it was at first out on the ocean.

Three other fishg got off the line in the next 30 hours, and one completely stripped the line off the reel. Probably better we didn’t get that one in…

Ryan took the opportunity to do some heavy animating, but complained that the motion of the boat was making him queasy.

I am attempting to add a video (just another sunset at sea) – hope it works!

We all took turns keeping watch at night so we could get a little sleep. Shelly and Ryan were on 12-4 am when something showed on the horizon they could not quite make out. It was a blood red coloring that looked like maybe a ship with the port running light relecting off the water but it seemed to be getting very large and close. Ryan mentioned something about Godzilla and fireballs..

It took about ten minutes for the blood red moon to rise through the clouds and show itself, much to their relief…

We saw the Tybee Island Light about 530 am and it took another 6 hours to make it in to HHI. We sailed right past the house on the water where we were married 29 years ago!

That night we were very lucky that our old friend and musician David Wingo was playing at the marina we were anchored next to, so we dingied in to see him. He was very kind and asked me to sing a couple of songs with him.

Wade and Nickie arrived the next day.

From HHI we have mostly motored against a north east breeze up to Charleson where we caught up with Dave and Mary on their boat Luck of a Fool who we spent time with in Boot Key Harbor this winter.

Yesterday morning coming out of Charleston we almost ran over this little boat that pulled right in front of us. He was lucky I was paying attention!

As this is being written we are motoring into a stiff breeze on the Waccamaw River coming out of Georgetown SC where we stopped for breakfast and to let Goose fertilize the local landscaping. What a beautiful town with a ton of history!

We will be in Myrtle Beach tonight if all goes well, and Wilmington the next day for the next chapter in the sailing life aboard Yume!