Ian arrived late Friday night. The cabbie was a bit surprised to be told to drop him off at the foot of the bridge!

We picked up the anchor Sat morning and headed the 7 miles north to Peanut Island at the WPB inlet to get some snorkeling in. Bridges made that trip much longer than necessary, but Yume ran well.

There is another small issue. As we have sailed it was clear the foresail, or genoa, which is on a roller furling system (instead of attaching and hauling up the sail) was not operating properly. It was very hard to roll out or in.

This can be dangerous In a strong wind, and leads to broken hardware and torn sails fron too much force used. So we dropped the sail to have a look, and of course found the sail torn at the top or the head of the sail. This repair cannot be put off as it will only get worse and cost more. Of course all the sail repair places are back in Ft Lauderdale!

The sail is now folded and stowed in a bag for sending to the sailmakers. The problem with the furling was insufficient tension on the forestay. When the sail was off it was easy to see poor maintenance and improper setup was easily remedied and could have been ugly…

The boys have all been in the water – snorkeling, jumping off the boat, and cleaning the bottom.

Saturday evening we motored in the dingy to Sailfish Marina to meet up with old friends Kathy and Sue. 19 years ago or so, the three girls shared the joys, trials and tribulations of learning how to be mothers at the same time and became very good friends. The reunion was emotional. The plan is to get together Christmas Eve when all the kids (who have not seen each other since they were three) together… Should be interesting!

As the holidays approach, we want to wish all our friends a very merry Christmas, a very happy New Year and the very best that life can offer. Thanks for your support!