How far are you going to sail is the single most often asked question we get.

Our answer has always been “until we can wear shorts and flip flops and the water is clear!” Look out now here comes some white (sort of flabby) skin!

As I type this we are passing Cocoa Beach to the east, under the genoa sail and motor doing about 8 miles an hour…

motor sailing

The crew is working on the woodwork and it is a glorious day.

refinishine the boats woodwork
view from the bow

We stopped last night in Titusville and picked up a city mooring as the wind was forecast to blow fairly hard, the crew needed showers, and Goose had to go again. Sometimes I think that is all he ever does. Still working on the carpet training. About 8pm the wind sprung up from a dead calm out of the north as forecast and by 11:30 was blowing a good 25 knots. Got up and checked everything just to be sure…

All gone this morning and the wind is a nice 15 knots out of the east. Perfect for a sail! We even put up the mizzen sail Bill Fowler in Texas sent to us! Thanks Bill!

It is now less than three days to West Palm Beach so we are making tracks waiting for the call to go to North Carolina.

So, we are in the shorts and flip flop weather but cannot yet see the bottom. Soon!