I love change. Maybe it is just doing something new, or being in a new place, or the excitement of new challenges, but change has always been an integral part of life for me.

Four years ago in February, we purchased a house and ten acres of land with the intention of fulfilling a goal to build a working horse ranch.

At that time our long term goal was to use the 10 acre project as a pilot project – a test sort of to see if horse ranching was
a) something we liked to do and
b) financially feasible as a business

Our long term vision was to find some property in southern Colorado to build a much larger ‘dude’ ranch.

We know now it is feasible – and we can do it. We built the farm from ‘scratch’ (you can see pictures here)  and made it a profitable working farm with a very loyal, stable and growing client base.

But the long term plans have changed somewhat. We have inserted a new phase into the plan. We want as a family to find a catamaran sailboat, sell the farm and the business and live and travel on the boat for a while. A ‘short break’ you might say.

To accomplish this, we must move our income streams from horses and face to face business coaching clients to some form of recurring, passive income.

This is why – if you have been here long – you have seen the changes coming.  I have been working hard to create an Internet presence and then created products based on my expertise- (like the one here)  – which is coaching and consulting small business owners.

It has been, and continues to be, fascinating, challenging and invigorating to expand into a new field. Marketing on the internet is huge business and will continue to grow exponentially into the future.

Along the way I have been asked repeatedly how this internet marketing thing works.

To answer those questions I am creating a free program to help anyone who wants to learn about internet marketing including blogs, Web 2.0, auto responders, email newsletters, html, social bookmarking, and all the things that are changing so fast we either have to keep up – or let it go on by us. This program will allow anyone to learn at their own pace – no pressure, no tests, no cost. Teaching others will help me be a better learner as well.

Some people I know are saying they don’t want to learn this new stuff and they are going let it go. I refuse to let it ‘go on by us’.

If my 9 year old can understand it  – so can you and I.

The difference is that we can use that understanding to help provide a lifestyle when the 9 year old will use it for entertainment.

I can use it to allow the next change – drifting on the last of the day’s tropical breezes in beautiful azure blue water to come to anchor at a deserted crystal white sand beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

Catamaran anchored