It is supremely ironic that the more we get on the internet to reach the whole world the more we need to use the internet to keep one on one contact with folks we care about, folks we want to maintain a relationship, and those we want to create one.

Every single day I send a minimum of one greeting card through the mail – from my computer.

online greeting cards

online greeting cards

I choose a card, write a heartfelt message, and sometimes add a gift of brownies, or cookies, or something similar.

Then the program I use prints the card, stuffs and addresses the envelope, adds the gift if there is one and mails it for me – for less than $1.50.

Best deal in town. And a super easy way to create a wonderful feeling for yourself while giving joy. (Who doesn’t like to get greeting cards in the mail? Especially if it is accompanied by brownies!)

Send a card and let me pay for it. (My pleasure!)