After another sub 30 degree night there is a sheet of ice over all the inner marina this morning. Walking Goose has become a bit more challenging, although he absolutely loves this weather and can't wait to get outside, lift his leg up and expose himself to the frigid air every three steps!

We, on the other hand, are very excited for Tuesday morning to come around where we head Yume back south again

It has been an incredible three months. With all we have been able to do and see in the place where our government began, as well as give paws4vets presentations in many of the places few outside get to see, we are blessed through and through.

Thursday Ryan and I were the most underdressed patrons at BLT Steak on I Street, (the only ones not in a suit), where we met with a real lobbyist! Actually, Chris is the father of one of the p4p clients and a super nice guy who just happens to have spent his whole career dealing with politicians in DC. He had some great stories and we would have loved to sit there all day, but in DC they charge by the minute to sit in a restaurant. With my soup, his salad, and Ryan's steak sandwich the bill was still $85!

This is our display we set up 3-5 times every week since Sept at places like the Pentagon, SSA, all the Intelligence Agencies (the definition of oxymoron by the way), NSA, and military bases etc. We tell them about Service Dogs, and Veterans with PTS, and have Goose do his cool stuff like salute the officers. And we ask them to pledge part of their pay to paws4vets. We won't know until April whether we have done any good, but we feel good about what we have done!

We were fortunate to have a private tour guide through the Capitol Blg which was supercool. You can see they are working on the dome.

Ryan has made a promising start on his 2032 Presidential Campaign, having identified a number of issues to tackle. He will be no stranger to the halls of congress as we visited congressmen (and women) in both houses. He impressed them all no matter political affiliation. BTW, check on Ryan's latest animations on his site at I'm impressed.

Of course we had to get a pic in front of President Reagan in the Rotunda of the Capitol.

Shelly and Goose are always the hit. Wherever they go…

From our marina, we walked and biked every road out and around in the neighborhoods, but took no pictures until just last week. It was nice watching the fall come and go. The ice I can do without.


We have been lost so many times in DC and Alexandria that I can get around without GPS somewhat. This is the worst place to drive I have experienced in my life. The traffic is worse in Atlanta and New York, but the roads are straightforward.

We enjoyed being on the carrier and watching the planes land…

We even rode the metro as it is the best way to get to the Pentagon.

But Goose, and the Phillips', have had enough of DC, and people, and traffic and we miss cruising.

So bright and early Tuesday morning we will start the engine, and head out this little creek into the big wide Potomac River, turn south and make our way back to marathon Fl for the rest of the winter.

If we are passing near you, please let us know if you would like to meetup and we will do our best!