We missed you too! It was very nice to hear from many who wondered what happened to us. No updates, then no site. It happened like this…

Remember how I had talked about trying to manage our wireless data plans, and that one of our biggest expenses is phone and data? Between the three of us, when we first went off the grid in December we went over our 5 GB plan in three weeks. So we upped the plan to 8. We blew through that 8 in two weeks in Jan, then at the end of the month had been charged for an additional 5!

After taking the plan to 10 GB, we stopped any video, movies, music streaming – and since Miami Beach has free WiFi we were not even on our data hot spot a lot. Feb 7 I noticed we had almost gone through 8 GB! In the end, the apple store here in Miami Beach figured out there was something in the Ipad using data and gave me a new one. Our machines are taking over! What scares me is that they do not know what was doing it!

Then we have been offline this week with the site as I have moved servers to accommodate more clients who host with me. In addition to paws4people.org, we work with a few people, hosting, building sites and maintaining them. If you know anyone who needs help with this stuff please give them our name? We are trying to help pay for the extra data usage!

Now back to Yume and the sailing life.

We have all been working hard on the outside – sanding and varnishing, removing old paint from the hull, cleaning up the rigging etc. I would love to show you pictures but they were lost with the moving to new Ipad…

Today we will dinghy up a small canal close to the Miami Beach conference center for the Miami Beach Boat show, and tomorrow take a shuttle over to the marina where all the new sailboats are so we can drool over the new catamarans. If anyone has a couple hundred thousand extra lying around and would like to go partners with us, think how fun it would be to fly into Tahiti where we have the boat ready for you?

We have been following the ‘massive’ winter storms and hope all our friends are safe and warm. When we see someone in a picture with big coats, mufflers and gloves we think wow they must be hot. It is really hard to grasp cold when it is 75 to 80 every day. (except this morning when we are freezing with a low of 55)

Many people ask about Ryan and what he is doing in for school. Along with the other (boring) normal subjects, he puts a lot of time into his latest love he calls anermation. If you liked Lord of the Rings you will appreciate his newest video – Lord of the Blocks.

Anchoring Yume is interesting. Obviously, since the anchor is the only thing holding our home in place, we pay attention to it! Anchors can drag, shackles can break, line and chain can part – all which would normally happen only in the middle of the night in the middle of the most violent wind and in the most crowded anchorage or on a lee rocky shore!

Last week we were moving around trying to stay out of the clocking wind on yet another cold front that was moving through and we dropped an anchor is a smaller canal running between expensive homes here in Venetian Isles.

Shelly was was on deck putting on yet another coat of varnish. As I came on deck for something the first thing I see is we are about to hit someone’s dock piling (looks like a telephone pole driven into the water?) right about where Shelly is varnishing! We just barely missed a disaster as our brand new solar panel and the dinghy were right in the way! The anchor had dragged about 80 feet without us noticing! That scared us all for a while.

Our plans are to attend the show today and tomorrow – then on Sunday we will head south (depending on weather) towards Islamorada in the Keys for a marine flea market/rummage/swap thing – then on down to Marathon for a visit. Then it will be March and time to head north again. Where we going then is just north! Time, events and cash flow will decide where we go…

I braved the 55 degrees to go out and take a picture just to brighten up the post!

Yume at Anchor Miami Beach

All in all, we are very happy to be here, enjoying ourselves immensely, (although we seem to work more than play) and we eagerly look forward to whatever comes!

Love your comments and feedback. Please keep them coming!