Welcome to the new subscribers. I am always amazed and honored that you saw something in the posts to encourage you to ask for more.

I am in the middle of a lot of changes. One of them is a new site.

A friend from Hawaii and I were very excited to launch www.supersuccessfulkids.com last week to start a community dedicated to helping our kids define what success is for them and then help them achieve it.

How much difference can we make in the world by teaching our kids these concepts at an early age?

In our fast paced, internet driven, social networking society, age has now become a moot point when talking about business. There are kids 14 and 15 making more money on the internet than their parents ever dreamed of. And we are just in the beginning stages of the evolution of online development!

Listening to news reports of the violence and mayhem worldwide makes me realize the possibility that our best hope is to reach the kids now – and help them understand soon it will be their turn – and what are they going to do?

I think it is our responsibility and our reward to enable our kids.

If you get a minute, hop on over to www.supersuccessfulkids.com and let us know what you think!

Don’t worry – be happy!