We have sailed and motored Yume over 1200 miles from Marathon in the Fl keys to Washington DC to help an organization called paws4vets get more funding.

Every year federal government employees are encouraged to pledge and contribute to their favorite charity. The cumulative efforts raise over 250 million dollars spread among 2500 of the best charities in the county.

Fully half of paws4vets previous two year's contributions have come from the DC area. Our hope is that by being here, and representing p4v at as many events as possible this campaign season (Sept to Dec) the overall contributions will be increased.

We get out of our shorts and flip flops, put on some slacks and nice shirts and tell the paws4vets story – over and over and over. It is story that never gets old.

Today was the Dept of Defense Office of the Inspector General. This is a BIG office with multiple layers of serious security…

Last week we stopped in Quantico Marine base for an event. We were able to take the time to visit the Marine Museum which was just awesome. If you ever get the chance you must visit.

We are in a small marina in Fort Washington right off the Potomac River just ten miles out of DC on the Maryland side.

And yes, there really is a Fort Washington which guarded the entrance to the Capitol. When we get over to visit, I'll tell you more…

We rented a car to drive in today and the traffic was simply awful. They tell us the 14 miles to DC can take four hours on a bad day. Yuk

What we are really looking forward to is being able to visit all the museums and other historical places in around the Capitol. Ryan's homeschool will be very heavy on federal government and American history these next few months!

A weather front came through two days ago and the temps went from 93 in the day to highs in the 70's. I hope it is not a sign of what is to come. I already miss Marathon.

Just trying to catch up and keep in touch. Thanks for your emails and calls. It's great to hear from you!