I know there are people going through massive changes in their lives with all that is happening around us.

If  you are one of those people, my heart goes out to you. We all are very much attached to our routines, our habits and our way of life, and when these routines are broken – with the pain that often is attached, our lives are thrown into confusion.

May I be so forward to suggest that now might be the time to take drastic action? If your life seems to be careening down a path you do not want to be on and you feel out of control – often the only way to gain control at all is to at least choose the path you will be going.

This is not an easy solution, but it can be an exciting one. If you were able to make a change what would you do?  Is there anything you have dreamed of doing but let it go? Are there places you would live?  Ideas you have to be implemented?

I think the best thing possible when life seems to be carrying you along is to make a conscious effort to wrest back control and do whatever you must do to create you own life.

When you do – you will find an inner strength to help, an inner peace from trying and a great sense of accomplishment for completion.

You can do it!