You will definitely find one common theme throughout all the articles I write – Having does not produce happiness as many believe.

Lots of people when asked what would help them find happiness will say “more money”. When you get them to dril down nobody wants more money! It is what you can do with the money they want, but theyare not clear on this and end up chasing money all their lives.

This excerpt from a great article in a Maylasian paper (isn’t the world small!) written by WONG YEEN FERN is an example of an excellent view on finding happiness.

Suresh also discussed ‘conditioned happiness’ – a phrase linking materialistic factors to the kind of happiness which he said will not be permanent.He said that those who enjoy ‘conditioned happiness’ will get depressed easily when materialistic needs no longer abound.Ultimately, he emphasised, to attain ‘real’ happiness in life, an individual should not have any hatred, must be friendly, compassionate and forgiving and free from any attachment to egoism.

Rentakini :: Malaysians must learn to laugh more

In my book BeDoHave Find Happiness Now, I talk about finding the joy of a baby. Wong Fern gives a fact I did not know.

“Babies laugh 300 times a day but as they grow older, their laughter becomes less. When they become adults, their laughter is reduced to only 15 times a day.”

Rentakini :: Malaysians must learn to laugh more

Laugh like a baby today!



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