We are back where we started Dec 1 last year. Ft McAllister Marina Ga. Albeit with about 2000 miles under the bottom of the boat…

So let's catch up!

Last time we had arrived in HHI, SC and we were headed to Marion for the holiday. The rental car for a five hour drive costs about $125 by the time taxis and Avis were done with me. Plus we had to drive past our destination another hour to be able to return the car. 5 hours turned into 7.5. Yuk.

I don't know where you were but it rained all week. It was nice to be in a house with a great wood stove and just play pinochle and eat all week!

The oldest son, Ian, who is in special operations training in the Air Force (look up Combat Controlller if you are interested…) was able to meet us in NC to spend Christmas, then we all drove back to Yume in his truck… Traffic was awful the day after Christmas so we got off on some back roads and got to actually see things as we drove.

We were underway the next morning from Harbourtown Marina in Sea Pines early. It was a great feeling to be back on the water and moving again. We even got to sail across Calibogue Sound!

The plan was for Ian to drive to Brunswick and leave his truck in the marina, then take a cab to the Greyhound station and catch the bus back up to Savannah where we would pick him up as the bus does not come to HHI.

He left at 7, we left at 715, and we got over to Savannah with just enough time to walk to the station and meet him! Love it when a plan works!

As it was a beautiful day – and Saturday – the riverfront in Savannah was crowded with tourists so we docked to a crowd. People want to ask all kinds of questions. Since we have Aspen, Co on the stern of the boat as the hailing port, we often get asked if we sailed the boat from Aspen. We usually tell them yes!

Just downriver from Savannah is Ft Jackson, so we anchored close and dinghied in to have a look. As we walked into the fort, they were re enacting a cannon firing out as they would have done in the Civil War. The cannon boomed and I told them that was my boat they just fired on. We had anchored right in the line of fire! Good thing they were shooting blanks! This pic was shot just as we were walking in. The people in the fort are watching the gun getting ready to fire…

We anchored overnight just south of Thunderbolt. Everyone crashed early and slept hard catching up on the week I guess.

It was just 25 miles to Ft McAllister from there, and with a helpful tidal we made it by 11 am. The boys got out fishing poles and hauled a few catfish, and fun was had by all.

Ian decided he needed a run, and like an idiot I volunteered to go. We ran about 4 miles and except for the heatstroke, cramps, and shin splints I held up well. Today not so good.

We all enjoyed some awesome she crab soup for supper at the restaurant, and hit the bed early.

This morning, early, I took Goose for a walk before pulling out. As he usually does he took off into some woods. I waited a few minutes and whistled for him with no response. 30 minutes later I am convinced Goose has been pulled into the swamp and eaten by a gator. He never has not answered for this long.

It's too dark to look for him as I am sure as hell am not going near that swamp and looking for him with a flashlight, so I head for the boat to wake Shelly and let her know what has happened. Just as I cross the road back to the marina, guess who slinks out of the woods licking his chops because he has been feasting on some dead creature in the swamp. I could have killed him.

I'm still mad at him.

As this is written we are motoring under cloudy, chilly skies through St Catherine Sound heading south and looking for a place to anchor near the beach so we can play some more.

We will be in touch!

Happy New Year