Hello everybody! Ryan here, and today you will be reading my blog post. Recently, we noticed that our anchor only has 100 feet of chain. Which means we can only anchor in 20ft of water. (That's not very deep!) luckily one of my father's friend had 250 ft of anchor line at his disposal. So there we were, sitting around the table with our chain and the line. The gears in our heads were spinning faster and faster. We had to attach the line to the chain. Finally, it struck me like lightning as I stood up and shouted “We shall splice it!” (Everyone claps) Okay, it might not have gone quite like that. It was pretty close to the truth. Now it was up to me to attach this line to the anchor chain via splicing. I began reading the sailor books and watching videos on how to splice. Everysingle piece of information I found made it seem like a baby could do it. Let me tell you… This was a pain in the rear end. I'm not sure if it was the type of rope I had or just my general ignorance with following instruction. After 30 minutes of crying, frustration and sheer devotion I prevailed with the most beautiful splice you could possibly imagine. So the lesson of the day is. Buy a boat that has more than 100 feet of chain.