Back from a long Labor Day weekend and happy! Tired but happy!

As I have repeatedly said happiness is a choice. You choose to be happy. You make choices to create your life. The two kinds of choices together create a happy life. It is so simple yet can be so difficult.

Many try other ways as a shortcut. Drugs is one way that is often tried whether it is recreational or prescribed.

This article today at by a neurologist backs up my point!

Dr. D.V. Pasupuleti, neurologist and author of Change Your Mind: A Neurologist’s Guide to Happiness, supports a simple, natural alternative to antidepressants: your mind. Dr. Pasupuleti believes anyone can create their own happiness by understanding themselves and letting go of negative thoughts and preconceived ideas. With Change Your Mind, he
explores the basic tenants for true happiness geared toward regular people seeking lasting contentment in their lives—from single mothers, to business executives, to high-stress college students.

“Learning to be happy is not a mystical pursuit,” says Dr. Pasupuleti. “In my years as a neurologist, I have noticed that the people who are happy meet their problems with a positive type of analysis and attitude, even in the face of suffering.”

Dr. Pasupuleti’s practical guidance is rooted in his studies of psychiatry, neurology and various world religions. Through these experiences, he has found that people who truly know themselves and keep an open mind are better equipped to deal with problems that arise in
their daily lives because they maintain higher levels of happiness throughout turmoil.

Dr. Pasupuleti’s tenants include: a) material possessions are meant to be enjoyed, but don’t ultimately create lasting happiness, b) understanding where negative emotions come from will help you control and overcome them and, most importantly, c) happiness comes only from within, and spreading that happiness to others only increases your own.
“It won’t happen overnight,” he says. “But those who are willing to follow simple rules for happiness will find that happiness can be achieved.”

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