Yume preparing to get under way!

yume at dock

After a morning of installing a couple more last minute storage shelves, we borrowed at rich for one last run to the store for essentials. Then we moved Yume to the fuel dock to see how much the bill would be. It was very nice to find out we only needed to top the tanks off with 32 gallons instead of the 130 holds! Especially at marina prices of 4.99 a gallon!

UPS arrived with our new mizzenmast sail just as we were finishing so we paid the bill, said goodbye and headed down the river on a glorious day…

motoring down the river

We made it about 9 miles before the sun starting setting and anchored in a quiet creek for the night. The rum is out and the grill is going for the London broil.

The sunset is awesome. And we are so glad to be here!

modern sailing