Well it’s finally time to leave. We have been in Red River, New Mexico since November 1, and the ski season ended on Sunday. It has been a fun time! I taught a lot of kids from Texas and Oklahoma how to ski (or ski better!) and Shelly sold a ton of ski tickets and rental packages!



To say we’re excited would be an understatement. The weather agreed today as it rained for a while even while it was snowing at the top where I was teaching ski lessons.


Our tentative plans are to be in Asheville, NC April 11, stopping at as many vineyards between here and there as possible. I actually have a music gig in Muskogee, OK next week! From Asheville we will spend a weekend at McKinney Lake Allatoona State Park ( probably 4/13-4/15?) and visit, then to Valdosta to see the boys. They were here over Christmas. (BTW – if you are interested in meeting up in Atlanta or anywhere else let us know!)

From there we are entertaining two options (so far). One is to rebuild a 57 ft Hatteras motor yacht and spend next winter in the Bahamas. To be able to do that we might need some ‘charters’ to help us finance the trip. Anyone interested in joining us at a very affordable rate? 😉

Another option is to camp north through the middle Atlantic seaboard up to Maine for the summer, then across the northern United States and explore Wyoming and Idaho for ski resorts similar to where we spent the last four months.

Whatever. We are just ready to be moving again!  We have greatly enjoyed this winter. Fortunately for us it was very mild with a 50 year record for low snowfall. Since the ski resort brings in a  snowmaking crew from New Zealand, we had plenty of snow on which to ski  and play. Red River is a very beautiful area and small enough to feel at home.


Directly across the street from the RV park where we stayed is the only cemetery in town. The cemetery has been here since the founding and is unique in all the places we visited. This was our favorite place for walking Goose every day and we got to know it well.  We have seen all kinds of wildlife tracks in the snow including mountain lions, mule deer, turkeys, coyotes, and much more. This we will miss.

If you ever come to Red River in a RV you have to stay with Tim and Liz is in their RV park. These guys have been awesome to spend the winter with and we will miss them as well.

But now it is time to remove the mud hut and get on down the road! 





Here is the latest video!