One of the true lessons in life is to really understand that every day cannot go perfectly as you would like.

In fact, we need 'bad' days to make the 'good' days appear good! And I believe every day is perfect.

I remembered this last night after heading for bed. The last few days we seem to be going backwards a bit.

First, while troubleshooting the generator, I realized the field windings were bad, meaning we do not have a generator for 110 power off the dock until we can get some where and some funds to tear the whole thing out of the hole and fix or find a used one. That round red piece with the electrical box is the generator… I have come to know it well…

Then I found the fresh water pump on the main engine had been spraying water all over everything for quite some time. They are very hard to find. I finally found one in Miami for only $280. That is the hole it goes in. Ryan and I are having tons of fun cleaning all the rust and grime off every part we can reach. His homeschooling includes diesel mechanic and electrical generation 101. The. Spray had reached the alternator which meant a replacement for another $150. (And since it is such a vital part it meant a spare as well!)z

Then in the middle of all that our new wifi extender system stopped access to the internet. We could see the internet was working but pages would not load. After 5 calls to the router help support in India they do not have a clue and say they will get back to us..

By mid morning yesterday we started getting calls about websites being down. After 6 hours on thehone with godaddy advanced tech support they told me it was my problem not theirs!

But then Ryan caught his first fish – a nice 5 or 6 pound sheepshead off the dock. We had an impromptu fish cleaning class and enjoyed a very nice fish dinner last night!

So we start today very grateful for our blessings, our friends and our family and the fact that we do not have to get in the car and go to work!