Poor Goose. We are hauled out in the yard in Ft Lauderdale, but still on the boat. Since we can't leave him on the boat all the time, we sling him up and down. He doesn't like it but seems to know it is the only way.

This is almost as bad for the rest of us. We hauled yesterday afternoon with the wind blowing a bit making it interesting to get to the haul out slip.

It took the yard an hour or two to haul us and move the boat to a place where they block it up. Not much for us to do until this is all done.

We started sanding the old bottom paint off around 5 and went until dark. We realized quickly this was going to a nasty job. Off to the showers to try and get some of the black sanding dust off of us. Remember this stuff is put on to kill things so they do not grow on the bottom of the boat.

We finished sanding, and wiping down the hull about noon today. Of course the weather changed , bringing in drizzly rain, so,, since two,of the thre of us have been afflicted with some sort of cold bug down time was called for while the hands either napped or just took it easy. We picked back up at 2 or so and got er done.

We did not take any pics while we were sanding as it was just too nasty, but we tried to get some of rolling on the paint… We are also changing the colors of the boat. The burgundy stripe above the tape line is called a boot stripe and will be painted navy blue tomorrow. Some idiot in the past used some sort of sears weatherbeater or something over gel coat and it just peels right off. This can be seen at the outlets of the bilge pumps to the right.

Someday we will sand and paint it all but not this week.

While the paint crew are fixing the boot stripe tomorrow the mechanic captain will attempting to reinstall the electrical end of the generator. Then we can put her back in the water where she belongs!

So for those of you jealous as you deal with sub freezing temps just remember it is not always hanging out on the beach here in our cruising life!