Well I am sorry. It is impossible to make everyone happy. In fact, if they would only read what I write they would realize I cannot make them happy anyway!

What has happened is after several emails, and articles doing my best to let everybody know I was moving my email list management to a new (better in this case) software, I sent out notification this morning asking if you would click on a link – that is all- just click on the link to verify you wanted to receive articles and newsletters from me. I even offered a gift for a click!

Some people, who we will leave unnamed, have complained that clicking a link is too much trouble.


But you will be missing out. I have been working a lot of hours for a long time to build something I felt would help a whole lot of people.

See I think we are in the middle of the greatest transformation the world has ever seen! But because we are smack dab in the middle of it – we can’t see it. Well I can.

I am not bragging – I am just different I guess. Different up bringing, different lifestyle, different way of thinking. Maybe that is why I see it and you don’t.

Not to worry mate! I am here to help.

At any rate, for those of you who are too troubled to click a link, we’ll miss you! And we hope you find happiness from someone else!

For those who have clicked the link, and there are a lot of you, thanks so very much for trusting me and allowing me the priviledge of communicating with you.

I am honored. And I promise to do my utmost to keep that trust.


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