Part of the ongoing search as an entrepreneur is to find exactly what your clients crave – and give it to them.

Like personal development training.

Robert Allen said:

"The serious money in the future is not just in providing information or raw data. We are already drowning in information. We are on information overload. We are data drunk. The problem is not a lack of information or ideas but a lack of information that is packaged properly. Your job in the future is to convert the mountains of raw data into specialized knowledge presented in a way the consumer can assimilate and use quickly"

Well that is all well and good, but the key is to hone in on exactly what it is your clients want!

For years I have written books and articles, developed products and seminars based on MY wants and needs which have revolved around self actualization and happiness. In fact I wrote a book about personal development training called BeDoHave Find Happiness Now.

This has been a great interest of mine for at least the last ten years and I have spent a LOT of time in this field.

As the Internet became mainstream, and more and more people turned to their computers for answers, it actually became more difficult to reach out and find those with the same needs unless you knew the exact words the computer users were typing into the search fields.

Over the last several years, some of the bigger companies like Google, Overture and others have steadily gathered information through better organization of the massive data and come up with fairly accurate reporting to help people like me find people like you.

For instance I have targeted the term "Find Happiness Now" for years. Go ahead and search Google for "Find Happiness Now".  See were I am?

Whoopdedoo. It turns out no one searches for "Find Happiness Now".

When I started researching this lately I found the word "happiness" is not really searched at all.

I think people I am looking for are typing in "Personal Development Training". If I am to get to these people I have to appear on the first page of "Personal Development Training" on a Google search.

Let’s see how long to takes me to do that!

BTW – I have other terms I know people search for – and I have products for those people. And I am implementing the process to rank on those terms on Google as well.

All part of my own personal development training!