arts and crafts aboard a boatRyan and I are getting ready for Thanksgiving aboard Yume

We started out making hand-print Turkeys and then went on to aluminum boats for our center piece. The Turkeys are in place but the boats are floating somewhere down the Ogeechee river. 🙂

Miami finished up the bathroom (head) and it is just awesome! Especially the lighting above the sink, these old eyes can finally see what they are doing.

refinished head

The sun came out a few minutes and we brought out the new cast net. It has been a long time since either Miami or I have thrown one and Ryan never has! But he caught on quickly! Now, we can go shrimping for ourselves.

first cast net try

Miami decided it was a good time to test out the anchor! It worked!! It seems like one of the few things on the boat that has so probably a good thing we tested it while we were still at the dock.

thanksgiving at anchor

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all! Be blessed and safe!