There were more comments from the last post than any other post in quite a while. Actually, all the comments were basically the same.

“That’s cold! Not me!”

I have always found a good for every bad, an up for every down – and thought you might like to hear what we have discovered so far.

Yes it’s cold. But you sure do appreciate the warmth when you come in!

For someone who is usually busy with projects, this enforced inside time has allowed me to set up a music ‘station’ and practice – a lot! This is something I have not been able to do in the boats or the RV’s and I am very much enjoying it! In addition, by being in one place for several months I actually get to play a regular gig!

Shelly has taken up painting, and as in all things artistic, is turning out some pretty cool stuff. With the extra space in the cabin, she also has much more room for yoga and dance exercise!
It is amazingly still and quiet. There are no roads near us, no streetlights (or lights of any kind actually), and no other noise whatsoever except nature. It is wonderful! And the stars and moon on the snow at night are incredible. We are on the lookout for the Northern Lights.

When we go the 5 miles into Ely, there are never any lines in the grocery store and we now know the owner/manager who quickly gets for us anything we ask (like my favorite Tillamook ice cream!). We are known by the postmaster, mail carrier, the fed ex and the UPS drivers!

We do have to watch for the wildlife – especially the deer. They grow big deer around here!

The beauty and stillness of a sunny day after a snow storm is hard to describe to those without the experience.

When we do finally make it to a beach in the summer, we will have a much greater appreciation for that too!

So I would ask you to think about what you might have going on right now, that might seem to be a negative thing and find all the positive things that offset it.

It changes your life.

And thanks for the comments!