Day 2 on Yume as our new home.We are all a bit tired at the end of each day as we go from the time we wake to dark thirty.

Just stopping now and watching the sun set. Got the grill going for some pork chops and Shelly is below making some fettichini with Alfredo to go with it.

Ryan is up at the tiki hut where he can get monster wifi speeds to play his games.

He learned about working on bikes today as the boat came with a foldup 6 speed that needed some TLC.

We have been cramming two full pickup loads of stuff on the boat. Yesterday I removed a 110volt ice maker and turned the space into storage for all the grain, beans, sugar and other supplies we have in 2.5 gallon tubs and all the canned supplies we have.

We filled the water tanks with 150 gallons of water (watched the boat sink down with an additional 1050 pounds!) and added a bit of bleach to help keep it sweet. Red wine works too.


Ryan and I washed the outside today while Shelly worked inside to make it like a home.

Tomorrow the plan is to work in the storage of the master head (bath) where there were some leaks in the past causing some rot. We brought plywood just for that purpose.

The next phase is to make Yume ready for sea. We look for anything that would move . Basically you think about flipping your house upside down and see wohat would fly out! Then you fix it…

We are close.


Next – start looking at the engine, steering systems, and anchors and lines and getting ready for some trial runs to see how she (and we) perform!

We have had a great two days with perfect weather, lots of projects completed and a hope we can get on down the waterway before it turns cold again.

Looking down into the salon, I see Goose is getting his dinner so mine can’t be far behind!