Last post I talked about a former coaching client who was has being going through some challenging issues in his life and is willing to share with you. Finding happiness is not an easy thing.

I believe if you try too hard to find happiness it eludes you.

Not too long again I challenged him (let’s call him Steve) to do something to help him move out of his own way.

Steve had shared he thought his main challenge was getting focused.

Here is what I challenged him to do. Answer three simple questions.

1. Why do you want to be focused?

2. When do you want to get focused?

3. What is standing in your way of being focused? What would it take to get focused?

Here was his answers:

1. So that I can earn a stable income and raise my self esteem back up to where it
should be. This will pretty much eliminate my depression.

2. Immediately

3. I left this one for last because I don’t know the answer. Maybe coming up with something (like a baseball bat on the head every
morning) to remind me first thing every morning would help. I have been getting
to the gym every day for a while now. I do know that I feel more energized when
I exercise regularly. I think that perhaps starting earlier every day with the
gym routine may be useful. I seem to have problems with mornings and getting
started and the exercise helps. I also need to follow your advice and make more
time for myself and do a little less for others. Helping other people is a good
thing but it can also be excessively time consuming.

Interesting hmmmm?

I want your comments on this. Do you relate to this? What would be your answers? What do you think of these answers?

Stay tuned as tomorrow I will share with you what I told him. Put it this way – he wasn’t a real happy camper!


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