20161117_143928Southbound – First Week.

This is the view back towards the west heading out Washington Channel and Gangplank Marina where we stayed this fall. The Washington Monument is to the left and all the new construction for The Wharf DC is to the right.




20161119_065458 Dropped the dinghy in the dark and took Goose in for a beach run. I could hear him running to and from but couldn’t see him! Back on the boat and underway as the sun was beginning to lighten the sky in the east. It turned into a blood red (red sky in morning – sailors take warning!) sunrise but we could not get that in the picture.

Motored all the way to St Mary’s River and up to a marina called Denis Point to wait out a blow. And blow it did. From 70 degrees it dropped to 30 and blew gusting to 45. We were snug!

Left Tuesday morning on a very cold blustery day heading out of the Potomac towards Smith Point Light where it was still blowing 30 mph with 4 ft seas; round the light turning south and tightening the sheets for the 20 mile run to Windmill Point on the Rappahannock River when the boat seemed to slow down. With that wind and surfing down the waves hitting 10 knots there was no time to check it. When we finally arrived in Deltaville, Va, cold and tired, and got into some shallow, clear water Shelly could see the crab pot line trailing behind the boat.

20161123_062023We were able to cut the float from behind the rudder and pull up the trap. We wonder what those four crabs were thinking all afternoon flying through the water? We let them go free and set the trap up on the local dock for someone to have. TTL the trap did not get up in the propeller! The water temp is 49! Body parts shrivel just thinking about having to go in after it!

Anchored in a very quiet cove, with stars seeming to touch the boat.

Out at daybreak to an absolutely gorgeous red dawn that burst into a beautiful (but chilly) day. Sailed/motorsailed/motored down the Chesapeake through a very quiet Norfolk and Hampton Roads and on past mile #1 of the Intracoastal Waterway.  With a quick phone call our plans changed as the Dismal Swamp Canal is closed until further notice due to trees down from the fall storm.

20161123_154227Made our way through the lock at Great Bridge and the bridge itself (site of the first revolutionary war battle in VA – won by us!).

Up early for a quick walk in the light rain – then on 45 miles (rainy and cold the whole day) to Coinjock for fuel and another 5 miles to an anchorage for the night and a tuna steak Thanksgiving dinner!




Gotta get going early though to make it through the Albemarle Sound  and Alligator River before another strong cold front pushes through this weekend.

Florida sure is going to feel good!