Great Exercises To Maintain Health Pt 3

And we continue the story…
And then he tells about Rite Two…

“Like Rite Number One,” continued the Colonel, “this second one is for further stimulating to action the Seven Vortexes. It is simpler than the first one. In Rite Number Two one first lies flat on his back on the floor or on the bed. If practiced on the floor, one should use a rug or blanket under him, folded several times in order that the body will not come into contact with the cold floor.”

“The Lamas have what might be called in English a ‘prayer rug.’ It is about two feet wide and fully six feet long. It is fairly thick and is made from wool and a kind of vegetable fiber. It is solely for the purpose of insulation, and so has no other value. Nevertheless, to the Llamas everything is of a religious nature, hence their name for these mats-‘prayer rugs.’”

“As I said, one should lie full length on his ‘prayer rug,’ or bed. Then place the hands flat down alongside the hips. Fingers should be kept close together with the fingertips of each hand turned slightly toward one another. The feet are then raised until the legs are straight up. If possible, let the feet extend back a bit over the body, toward the head; but do not let the knees bend. Then, slowly lower the feet to the floor and for a moment allow all muscles to relax. Then perform this Rite all over again.”

“One of the Lamas told me that when he first attempted to practice this simple Rite he was so old, weak, and decrepit that he couldn’t possibly lift up both legs. Therefore he started out by lifting the thighs until the knees were straight up, letting the feet hang down. Little by little, however, he was able to straighten out his legs until at the end of three months he could raise them straight with perfect ease.”

“I marveled at this particular Lama,” said the Colonel, “when he told me this. He was then a perfect picture of health and youth, although I knew he was many years older than I. For the sheer joy of exerting himself, he used to carry a pack of vegetables weighing fully a hundred pounds on his back, from the garden to the Lamasery, several hundred feet above. He took his time but never stopped once on the way up, and when he would arrive he didn’t seem to be experiencing the slightest bit of fatigue. I marveled greatly at this, for the first time I started up with him, I had to stop at least a dozen times. Later I was able to do it easily without my cane and with never a stop, but that is another story.”

Chakra Exercise 2 – Leg Lift


To do this exercise lie flat on your back, with your palms face down on the ground. Then lift up your head until your chin touches your chest and lift your legs up in the air. Lower your legs and head, then repeat.

The Colonel tells how to do Rite Three

Fountain of Youth – #2

And we continue with the Fountain of Youth Exercises adapted from the book by Peter Kelder.

I do want to say that you need to do these exercises for at least ten weeks to realize any major improvement.

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