Still eats worms!

Energy runs in waves. Sounds waves, light waves, energy waves. Throughout my life I have been aware when I am up and when I am down. It is a normal pattern we all must have.

When my energy cycle is ebbing I look for positive energy to be around, and I realize that I might not be at my best. I give myself room for that.

One of the great ways to jumpstart energy is to take action. Like this blog for instance. I have felt a new energy for the last couple of days. I appreciate it and am doing my best to use it to full advantage. I am off early this morning to a networking event in Atlanta to hear a face reading presentation and meet a hypnotherapist. Fascinating!

 Working on ways to touch my email list friends, many of whom have been along for six years or more. Working on my health and fitness so I feel great physically. Working on one of my values – sharing my love by looking for ways to express love much better.

And – looking for ways to increase revenue through a much better understanding of internet marketing – so I can share it with you, and enjoy the learning and what ever comes from it!