Tell the truth, I am getting a bit sick of experts! They are people like me and you who get quoted and then everyone takes their words as gospel.

BS. I am getting too less young to be taken in.

I do read a lot about happiness, and finding happiness (after all I have to keep up so I can be an expert too!) and when I do I find there is nothing that has not been said in the last 2000 years or so.

But anyway here is an excerpt from an article in the (wherever that is!) by Nancy Pickering talking about one of my favorite people Charles Shultz. (author of Peanuts)

We cannot expect to live in a state of complete happiness, say the experts. We should expect our happiness to come in bursts, for, after all, happiness is an emotion that gives us direction. We can’t always have our compass pointing in one direction. There are other emotions that direct our lives.
However, several truly happy moments a day are within reach. The recognition of and impact of those moments can only be determined by the person experiencing them. While you may smile when you walk barefoot through dew-laden grass on a sunny morning, someone else might cringe and find the experience “yucky,” to quote a famous grouch. So, taking a page from the “Peanuts” gang and Maria’s “favorites” list, I compiled the following short and personal “Happiness” collection – the smell of coffee brewing (I don’t drink it, just love the smell) and knowing the one who brewed it has been there for me for more than 40 years; flowers blooming where you don’t expect them; children giggling; toddler hugs; a real letter (not an e-mail); someone who says thank you; someone who smiles; finding a penny; walking in the rain; planting something; sewing something; knitting something with real wool; baking something; writing something; phone calls from my children and grandchildren and line-dried, clean sheets at the end of a busy day.
No matter how short-lived our happiness moments, they all benefit our well-being. So, in the middle of a hectic, frustrating day, it pays to pause and find some happiness close at hand. According to the experts, it may just affect your emotional compass and send you off in the right direction.

The Pennington Post – Happiness is…

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