Our road to work this morning sure looks nice.

630, the sun peeks up over the horizon, a fresh 15 knot NW breeze on the face and 300 miles to go to Norfolk!

We left Wilmington at 545 yesterday morning so we could ask for the 600 bridge opening on the river just north of Wilmington. It was dark! Terry Henry was waiting for us at the city docks and came aboard for the 5 hour trip down the Cape Fear River, through Snows's Cut and back up the Intracoastal back up to Wrightsville Beach.

We dropped him off on a dock just in time to catch the on the hour opening of that bridge, then settled in for the next leg of our journey to DC.

Rain had been promised and as soon as we dropped Terry off, it came with a roar. Sails had to come down, and we motored most of the rest of the day.

It is great to be back on the water again!

We got to a good anchorage just north of New River just at dark as a big rainstorm came barreling in. The crew decided to go ahead and take Goose in anyway. Halfway in the outboard quit, and it being easier than find the problem, Ryan broke out the oars and rowed them in and back out.

Luckily for them, I could take pictures from inside. Hehe.

We are just barely making way, waiting for the Onslo Beach Swing Bridge's 'on the half hour' opening. Awesome breakfast smells are wafting up from the galley. And the sun is fully waking up.

We sat on the dock in Wilmington for 31 days. Although docks provide great places for getting things done on the boat, (and for plugging in for air conditioning) much of the magic of living on a boat is lost. Another reason it feels so good to be out there.

Jim and Pat came to visit while we were there. Since Jim is a reader of the blog, it was cool to be able to show him what he had been reading about!

A lot got done while we were there. Fortunately, much of the work is now making the boat look better, and things to make her easier to live in, maintain, and use.

Things like digital voltmeters to see exactly what is going on. And 12 volts run to the cockpit for a new VHF radio, and power supply for the ipad so I can blog like this while steering. 😉

Shelly chose new fabric for the interior cushions while she was visiting her mom in Marion, and got the first two done the day before we left. They are going to look great!

And Yume is looking very ladylike with more coats of paint, varnish and oil on the teak.

Well, I hear the ringing of the bells for the bridge, so it is back to work. At least traffic is light this morning!