It’s the last night at the in-laws in NC and the temps are dropping fast. The north wind is howling down the pass between these two ranges and it surely feels like we need be a lot farther south!

We have enjoyed our visit, playing pinochle and eating and trying out our new folding bicycles we will use to replace the vehicles we are selling.

But at the same time we are anxious to head south to Yume and start getting ready for sea.

Yesterday when we left Atlanta at 630am to miss traffic (not likely) we got to appreciate the insanity (to us anyway) of millions of people all going to work at the same time.

Hopefully, we will back in time for the horse show at High Country Stables tomorrow so Shelly can offer any help needed for the new owners and say farewell one more time to the great trainers, students and parents.

Then we have a fundraiser for paws4people foundation at Petland in Kennesaw on Sunday afternoon before heading down I75 to Macon and over I 16 to Savannah and Yume.

To say we are looking forward to getting there would be an understatement.

I am sure you can understand?