We have been here since Monday and we never want to leave.

Since it took 17 years to make it back after we sold our last boat NAIAD, maybe you can understand how we feel. Even Ryan is getting into it.

All of us have been working hard – first just cleaning and going through all the stuff the previous owner left, then unloading the truckful of our stuff and hauling it onto the boat.

We are sort of settled in but have to leave in the morning and won’t be back for two weeks as we have commitments. Whose dumb idea was that?

Hang around some and we will get better at updates.

We are off to wilmington in the morning for the annual paws4people reunion, then back to the farm to help the new owners!

Then back here to start practicing sailing and boat maneuvers so we can ready to head outta here!

Needed: wifi booster for the main mast!