Saturday someone had come over to buy one of the last things for sale – a 12 foot fence gate – when we got to talking. After I told him my last five things to sell, he wanted to see the Saab that wouldn’t run. Long story short he wanted it and went home to get more cash.

Come time to swap title for cash we couldn’t find the title for the car or the truck! Lost in the moving process I guess.

I have to throw in here that that very morning I had watched a video by one of my favorite people Nic Askew where I was reminded that instead of we the human race being humans looking for spiritual experiences -in fact we are more likely spiritual beings experiencing human life for a short time. Profound difference!

See it here if you like

In that light I was able to watch everything that happened on Monday as I went from bank to petty govt official in a whole different perspective.

When we bought the boat, we handed someone cash, and he handed us a bill of sale and we shook hands.

No govt. No banks, No tax people, no notary.

Just two people making an agreement for better or for worse.

One of the thoughts at the end of 5 hours and 120 miles of driving ( to replace two titles to two vehicles I supposedly owned) was that our actions lately make me feel like I am getting my life title back from some govt entity somewhere.

Four more days to a new life.