I have something special coming here on the blog in the next few days. Several people have graciously given permission to use their stories to help understand some of the basic lessons taught with the free tools gift available on the site.

The first example comes from a former coaching client turned friend who contacted me during the move of the list lately to tell me his story.

In a way, his story is very similar to many I have heard.

How many times are we given (often for free) tools, tips and techniques to do whatever it is that we want to do?

Then how many times do we NOT act or use those tools?

My client, let’s call him Paul, had called me looking for some life direction. He was drifting a bit, not happy in what he was doing, not making enough money, going through a divorce, and fighting for custody of a child.

One of the first things we worked on was his definition of success and his values. These exercises are crucial to being able to create the life you want.

How would you ever be able to create your life if you do not define the life that you want?

Defining what success is for you and defining your top four values allows you a clear platform from which to make decisions. We must understand that all the individual choices and decisions we make each and every day all add up to the creation of our lives.

Paul worked hard on his definitions and made some hard choices based on those definitions to begin to crawl out of the hole he felt he was in.

And he did crawl out. When we ended our official coaching agreement, Paul had made some great strides in self confidence, focus, and understanding the process to achieving his stated goals.

So what happened between then and when he wrote me last week?

Let’s go though that tomorrow!


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