We continue with the tutorial on happiness. As I watch for signs of
happiness around me, I find more and more it is a matter of opening our
eyes to see clearly. And it really is that


(planting seed thoughts)

Our mind can be likened to the image of a garden. We are planting seed thoughts in the conscious mind. With repetition they will sink down into the soil of our subconscious mind. Once there, just as the germination of a seed comes about through warmth from the sun, so nurturing our affirmation with conviction, i.e. faith, love, knowing, commences the process of growth.At this stage using the imagination will let us see the blossoming of our desires, the oak in the acorn, the flower in the seed. With continued repetition of the affirmation the growth of our seed-thought will move in the direction of form, just as the seedling reaches for the sun.The law of the Mind is such that what we plant in our mind is precisely what we shall reap. Here it is essential to be specific because the subconscious has no choice but to obey the instruction we have given it. With affirmations this immense power is at our disposal, so we must use it wisely.We have the choice, then, to cultivate or ignore the garden of our mind. Either way we can expect the harvest to reflect our efforts in that direction.

Affirmations: Planting seed thought into the subconscious mind

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