Day 5 and 6 from the cool site tutorial on Happiness. It’s simple and doable. So do it!

Day 5 – Emotions (enormous value in implanting affirmations)

Affirmation and Emotions – enormous value in implanting affirmations

Positive emotions are of enormous value in implanting the affirmation, directly and swiftly. A thought backed with strong feeling more readily becomes reality. Our repeated affirmation needs to be done with a feeling of intense desire. So it is with passion and enthusiasm that we fuel our resolve and activate the affirmation.

Day 6 – Repetition (fundamental for effectively implanting affirmations)

Affirmation and Repetition – fundamental for effectively implanting affirmations

The importance of repetition cannot be over emphasized. It is a fundamental element in effectively implanting the affirmation.

We need not believe that the affirmation will work. What is important is continual repetition, with plenty of emotion. With time this constant saturation of the mind will firmly implant the affirmation in the depths of our subconscious with laser-like intensity. It has a concentrating effect and will generate more and more energy, enabling it to manifest more readily in the chosen form. An idea held firmly in the conscious mind will receive the attention of the subconscious.

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