Tutorial on Happiness Day 7 Subconscious

Here is where they talk about manifesting and belief. Remember – what you believe will be!

Subconscious (capable of carrying out any instruction)

What we have in our lives right now is a direct result of the images we have been projecting onto our mental screen to date.

The image that we project onto our mental screen will be brought into reality by the innate creative ability of our subconsciou s mind. This imaging capability is solely the province of our conscious mind, whose role is that of master. Our obedient servant or slave is the subconscious, who simply ensures that everything that we say, do, and feel is consistent with the image it has received. It is the subconscious, then, that is the most powerful force in our life, accepting without question our every instruction down to the tiniest detail, and will firmly implant the affirmation in the depths of our subconscious. It has a concentrating effect and will generate more and more energy, enabling it to manifest more readily in the chosen form.

An idea held firmly in the conscious mind will receive the attention of the subconscious, then bringing it into manifestation.

The subconscious is completely capable of carrying out any instruction we have programmed it to do. It cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imaginary. We can take advantage of this by consciously selecting those images we wish to see manifested in our lives. It has infinite resources at its disposal, and is capable of creating ANYTHING.

Affirmation and The Subconscious Mind – capable of carrying out any instruction

Yin & Yang (two powerful inner energies)

Within each one of us there are many energies. Two of these concern us here: one being male and the other female. If these terms make you feel uncomfortable you may substitute other terms of your own choosing, i.e. yin/yang, right brain/left brain, intuitive active or any other label you care to use. While these energies are distinctly separate from each other, they are equal in their importance.

Yin & Yang – two powerful inner energies

River (go with the flow, surrender)

It helps if we see life as a journey down a river. During the trip we need to trust our inner guidance to see us safely past any obstacles, rather than attempting to hold on to the known and the familiar. Failing to go with the flow can cause us to miss many of life’s opportunities which would otherwise be present.

Our willingness to surrender to the flow “inner guidance” lets us navigate our way past obstacles and choose the channel or tributary we prefer.

Go with the flow – surrender to the Universe

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