I know this has been quite the long post but I for one have really enjoyed it! These folks have taken the things I have written about and talked about for years and condensed it into 12 short introductions.

Here are the last two!

See them all here! http://www.mind-control-method.com/

Leave it to Me (the true self)

Dwelling inside each one of us is the True Self, and its opposite the false self. To all intents and purposes we may say that they are two separate beings, and it is very important that we are aware of this.

When we function from the True Self we experience greater happiness, fulfillment, and effortless action in all areas of our life. When the false self is in control we are more likely to experience frustration, emptiness, and negativity.

The True Self is the essence of who we are, and when functioning in our life, lets us express the full range of positive emotions, and at the same time experience great joy in our life.

It is the real you, that deep down you, you’ve always known yourself to be. It is always with you, though at times it may appear to be veiled from you by the false self. Once you have experienced the True Self, an inner desire to return will become active in your life.

Any time that we feel separated from our True Self the following procedure will aid in our reconnection. Take a few full, deep, abdominal breaths. Pause after each breath for a count of four seconds. On each exhalation, relax and let go of any concerns that you might have. Become aware of any muscular tension and simply allow it to dissolve. This leads us to a state of stillness and inner calm.

Leave it to Me – Let go and trust your true self

Comfort Zone (stretch your boundaries)

Our comfort zone conforms directly to the imagined image that we have of ourselves, i.e. our self-image. It is important to realise that it is only imaginary: an illusion.

The foundation of the illusion was laid down in our infancy and while allowed to go unchallenged will continue to exert a powerful influence over us.

Awareness of this allows us to choose techniques, such as repeating an affirmation, to expand that self-image. In expanding it, those actions formerly performed outside of the comfort zone become easier and there is a noticeable reduction in “negative” stress. This will also stretch the boundary of the comfort zone itself, letting us experience many new possibilities where we can perform more efficiently as well as more effectively.

Comfort Zone – Learning to stretch your boundaries

Here & Now (being in the moment, happiness right now)

To feel fully alive to our experience it is necessary to be aware of the present moment. True happiness is born in this moment.

If you experience separation from this moment, this is the time to practise “presence of mind” (i.e. awareness of being present, here in this moment). This will reconnect you with your inner power, your true state. Simply become aware of your sensations, surroundings. Becoming aware will anchor us in the here and now. Our lives are formed from the thoughts we think in the present. By focusing on this point and affirming from it we empower our thoughts into existence.

If you are not experiencing happiness right now, you are contemplating the future, or replaying the past. Practice presence of mind for positive results.

Be Here & Now – being in the moment, happiness right now

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