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Energy (composition of our universe)

Metaphysicians and many people in the scientific world are now in some agreement over the composition of our universe, seeing it as a field of energy, a force field. On one level we perceive the many manifestations of form and differentiate between them, not seeing the underlying field common to them all. Seeing solidity of form, diamond, gold, etc., at one end of the spectrum, and thought, colour, towards the other. In fact they differ only in their rate of vibration i.e. the frequency at which they exist. The denser the material the lower its vibratory rate or frequency. Conversely, finer forms, i.e. colours, and thoughts are examples of successively higher rates of vibration.

Form is always preceded by a thought or idea, a building is first conceived in the mind of the architect. Manifestation at this frequency, i.e. a thought, is more easily changed than at lower rates of vibration, i.e. a rock. By consciously directing our thoughts we become an architect able to shape thought into the desired form. Affirmations provide us with powerful tools which we can use in this process.

Thoughts and feelings have certain vibratory rates about them which will attract thoughts of a similar wavelength. As an example; you might have been thinking about someone and shortly thereafter receive a phone call from that person. The energy of your thoughts has attracted a reciprocal wavelength. By holding positive thoughts of a loving nature we will attract into our life people and events to support our positive expectations. Affirmations are an excellent way to enhance this process.

This is clearly illustrated in the biblical advice ‘’…as you sow, so shall you reap.’’ When we make a conscious practice of this in a positive manner we will reap a harvest of like quality.

Energy – composition of our universe

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