That old Jimmy Buffett line seems to fit this morning! It is 830 am and we sit it in the early morning sunshine and watch 25,000 runners go by in the Miami Marathon.

How many dogs have been trained to navigate with a chart? We continue to train Goose for his Captains test…

It really is amazing as we walk him around Miami Beach how many dogs are of out of control. We wonder what would happen if we just started passing out cards and holding training sessions in the park every week!

Here is a picture of the back of the manatee we saw (and almost ran over) last week. There are many rules for boaters due to these mermaids of these sea, including slow speed, and even do not enter waters.

We left Dinner Key as the cold front that made Atlanta kids happy started passing through and headed for an anchorage to wait out the rain. We didn't leave early enough though, and the capt had the pleasure of steering the boat for two hours in torrential downpours just to find out that the foul weather gear is a bit leaky.

No worries as the air temp was still in the 70's. Another small issue 'floated' up as there is a propane locker built into the deck to hold the two ten pound tanks we use for cooking where water tends to run in during a rain, wash down or at sea. This has caused leaks in the past into the aft head (bathroom for you landlubbers) which is why we had to rebuild it last fall.

I knew then the drain was too small in the locker, and was susceptible to plugging and put it off until later.

We have been scraping the old varnish from the toenails and a large piece of shavings got down in there and plugged the drain. By the time I noticed it, the locker was overflowing with about 20 gallons of water and the aft head was a bit wet! The joys of boat living. I guess it is matched by all our friends with water pipes frozen and cracked by the same front!

We spent the next two days in Marine Stadium harbor on Virginia Key which is just south of Miami Beach. If you have time google it as the history of this place is really cool. Suffice to say that there is a movement afoot to save and restore the old stadium as one of the top ten historical sites…

While we were there, we got to watch Olympic trials for some really cool small sailing boats.

It is almost time for breakfast here in the cockpit. We eat out here a lot. We like the view…

As said many times here, we have traded feeding horses at 7 and 4 for taking Goose in to shore at 9 and 4. Sometimes it is pain, but it does get us off the boat and makes us take nice long walks. Shelly is the main walker…

In this little canal where we are, we can't tie off the dink, so someone just runs the walkers in and comes back later. Here is Ryan heading back out to Yume.

We also use this time with a Furminator to do our best to keep the amount of dog hair in our food to a minimum. 😉

We haven't heard a word from Sir Charles and his family on Ft Lauderdale so we will hang out, enjoy the weather, and continue with projects to bring the boat back to her former glory.

Hope all is well with you. We have decided to send some of this weather to you but UPS tells us it will take until April or May to get to you.

Just keep reading the blog and sharing our weather with us and your friends!