Follow your Yume'

When you were growing up how many times did someone say to you “follow your dreams”?

We are extremely blessed.  From our 5th wheel  home (not long ago we moved from a sailboat “ashore”), we are able to travel at will (and all over), while continuing to do the work we love to do because we are following our Yume’.

A combined background in small business, business coaching, website and internet marketing, entertainment and more provides a broad base of knowledge for helping others. Of course, this knowledge took years to build. Sacrifices. Life Experiences. Books. Classes. Expensive Mentors. You probably have much the same experience  – however we might be able to provide that ‘outside’ view to help you move ahead to where you want to go.

Our experience has allowed us to create and live exactly the life we want. We want that for you as well. Click on anything you think we can do to help you. Personal or Business Coaching.  Achieve a goal – or change your life. Most things internet. Websites, blogs, social media, online advertising, fundraising and more. 

Ian Graduates Air Force Boot Camp!

Alpaca Ranch!

Heading Up to Scumgullion Pass Lake City Co...

Our Home!

We Spent Lots of Time In DC raising Funds for Service Dogs...

One of My Favorite Pictures!

A Great Looking Mom and Boys!