Since writing the book BeDoHave about finding happiness several years ago, I have spent thousands of hours thinking about and in conversation with people about the subject of being happy.

What makes us happy, how do we become unhappy, how do we be happy when there is nothing to be happy about… that kind of stuff.

As a husband and father – (and therefore by default the provider) – many times happiness seems tied to my ability to fulfill these roles.  In other words if the family is provided for and is happy – then I am happy.

If you have completed the “Definitions of Success” exercises (given away for signing up for the blog), then you know it is impossible to base success – or happiness on something out of your control. Nor do I believe we should base our happiness on others.

Four years ago we bought some expensive dirt outside Atlanta and proceeded to build a dream.

Now that dream is a reality.  We have by every definition a very successful horse ranching operation including a 12 stall barn with a waiting list for boardings, over 65 lesson students, three trainers, clinics, day camps, summer and fall week long camps, trail rides business retreat programs and an enviable reputation.

All it took was Being who we are, Doing what we love and the Universe helped bring what we need. It works!

However there are compromises in everything. Ours is the time we spend doing ‘other’ things we as a family decide are important.

The question becomes this: How long do you work at something to acquire or build a certain lifestyle before you go do things you want to do?

For instance: If you invest most of your time earning a living – when do you earn a life?

Your opinion counts. What do you think about this?

More to come soon…