It’s been quite the week around here.

On Saturday I found out ALL the blog posts were going to everybody who had signed up for the article list. Although in my opinion my writings are interesting reading, I can write a lot!

So some folks were a bit put off when they got something from me every day! In fact sometimes I post more than once a day!

It took me until Monday to get hold of tech people who walked me through what I had to do and then another couple of hours to get it done. Now just you who want to be notified are notified.

And then:

If you have not been following along, we have a small horse ranch in Dallas Ga (outside Atlanta at that we have been building for three years.

I have just completed building a big barn with a conference facility and 1 BR apt over it. Someone rented the apt and moved in Monday so I have been a bit busy taking care of last minute finishing touches (like HVAC!)

But I am back. And eager to finish this story of my client.

But first.. One of the blogs I get in my inbox is from John Carlton who spoke at the Underachievers conference in San Diego. He has a great post today on what is really important in his life. I highly recommend reading it!

Money will solve problems that not having money creates — like paying the rent, keeping sharks at bay, indulging in toys and extragavance. Being broke sucks. But once you still have a few bucks in your pocket after taking care of all your needs, having even one more dollar ain’t gonna change anything for you on any meaningful level.

John Carlton’s Big Damn Blog » Blog Archive » Squandering Free Time

In fact, I think so much if his post I am going to ask you to go read that one and I will finish my story tomorrow.

ps I got a call today asking me to speak to the freshman class at one of the local high schools about choices creating your life. It is something I know about and am tickled to be asked.



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