I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about why we work and it’s relationship to happiness. Yes I know it is to get money – and for a very special few there is that satisfaction of working just because they absolutely love what they are doing.

However we are talking about the mainstream and I will leave it to you to decide where you fit.

The people I coach and consult seem to be working for money. Always more money to live a better lifestyle, to send kids to great schools, to live in good houses in good neighborhoods (with good schools), have a decent car, health insurance, and save for the future.

To accomplish all that, many people work way more than 40 hours a week, and a lot commute to work taking up another hour or two a day.

That leaves the nights for kids, spouses or partners, and relaxing to get ready for the same tomorrow. Weekends are spent for the most part catching up at the house, or the cabin, or the car(s), attending kids events, and possibly even a getaway.

And, lest we forget, the one or two weeks vacation out of every 52.

How many are saving for the future? Few, if polls are to believed at all.

I guess my point is this. What is the point?

It seems to me we are losing the kids as there is not enough time left for them. The kids are being raised by teachers, who are overwhelmed and underpaid.

Not many people are saving enough for a ‘retirement’ no matter how hard they struggle.

Values and morals are plummenting as evidenced by TV, music and video. Violence is common and almost accepted as the norm.

And millions of people tune into ‘reality’ shows because they do not have a reality of their own.

All of this I see daily although our family has not had programmed TV in our house in 15 years, nor do we get newspapers or magazines (except National Geographic), our two children have been homeschooled from the very beginning, and we live on a horse farm where labor and participation by all is mandatory.

Which brings me back to happiness. What is it and how do you define it – for you?

Does your work help create happiness in your life? Or take it away? How do you define happiness?

I would love to know. Please leave your comments here.

Until next time.

Don’t worry, be happy!