What is the reason small business executives fail?

Organization and focus.

This is what I mean.

Almost ten years of coaching and consulting with small business owners and executives has helped me define a few major areas of business to which every owner should pay close attention. If these areas are constantly monitored and improved, amazing progress can be made. Your business can operate much more smoothly, more efficiently, and with much less headaches than it does today by understanding of few key principles.

#1 A great vision is the starting point for every great company. What is your vision? How often do you communicate your vision to your staff? If I asked your staff (or you) to tell me the vision of their company would they be able to do that? I find in many companies a serious discrepancy between an owner’s vision and the vision as defined by individuals within that business. Without a common vision, there are no common goals, and since every one is working towards their vision it is quite possible people are working towards different results and even against each other.

#2 The second crucial piece is your processes. What are you and your staff doing on an ongoing basis to reach the vision? How are these tasks measured, refined, documented and rewarded? Without properly documented and agreed upon processes and procedures accountability and responsibility are placed in the hands of the people doing the work; when in fact responsibility should be to the process with accountability for following the process. (You might want to read that again!)

#3 Let’s not forget about people. Owners understand that without people business is limited in its capacity to grow. Why is it than most owner’s biggest complaints are about people? Problems hiring, firing, training, motivating and managing staff and their activities often are the biggest source of challenges for any owner.

#4 Most owners of small businesses work too hard in their business and spend too little time on their business. Working on your business is the primary job and the main responsibility of the owner. The reason you spend so much time working in your business? You have yet to focus on steps 1, 2 and 3 as outlined above. This becomes much more of a challenge when you are the owner AND the staff!

I created an online video to cover these subjects and give it to business coaching clients as a preliminary sales tool. In this immediately available online video course I have done my best to distill into easily understandable and implementable strategies the steps any owner or executive can use to take control of almost any business.

In this video you will learn:

Why you should have a vision and how you go about the finding and communicating a vision.

Process and procedures are thoroughly covered with simple examples and clear steps to creating the processes and procedures you need in your business.

Management of people and how to solve challenges related to staffing as well as the function of management are covered in detail.

Special emphasis on the role of the CEO with the three major responsibilities of every owner are also included.

Overall this video is a must see for any owner feeling caught in a challenging situation and looking for the steps necessary to move any business up a notch or three.

Now if you have read this far – I am looking for feedback on this article as well as the video product itself. These are some of the questions I have.

Is this article helpful?

Does this article touch any of the challenges you face?

If not – what challenges ARE you facing in your business?

Leave a comment on the blog with your answers, or send them via email.

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Ray Edwards, Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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