In this great article by Daegen Smith of, he(she?) does an outstanding job of relating personal growth to success – however you define it.

For the last 7 or 8 years my passion has evolved to being very focused on helping people with personal growth/personal development through coaching, teleseminars, articles etc.

I realized pretty quickly personal growth builds the foundation for happiness. Some believe success comes before happiness, but I disagree. (And from personal experience no less!)

Happiness has to be first, or the success can leave a sour taste. What about lottery winners? Are they successful? Are they happy? Yea – but for how long?

I encourage you to read this article!

Personal growth is so important for it allows you to understand what is important to you, it allows you to recognize your weaknesses and face them, and it permits you to strive for balance while opening other door towards recognizing your personal strengths and weaknesses…

Why Personal Growth is SO Lucrative

What do you think?

Had a great time in San Diego at the internet marketing conference put on by Ed Dale and Frank Kern of Underachievers and the Thirty Day Challenge.

Back to work!


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