I am reading an interesting book I found lying on our coffee table. It’s about the Australian Aborigines.

This is not my first introduction to this magnificent race, but it is my first introduction to a novel idea about them and their society I think we all could benefit to understand.

The following few paragraphs are paraphrased from the book Voices of the First Day by Robert Lawlor.

Before the advent of agriculture, the world was populated with hunter/gatherers. These peoples (like the American Indians and the Aborigines) owned no property, worshiped the Earth that provided all, and cared for everyone in the tribe.  

In the hunter/gatherer society. they spent 2-3 hours a day hunting and gathering which produced a more balanced, varied and nutritious diet than our agricultural society ever has.

In the meantime we now spend 12-14 hours per day racing the clock to maintain and service our material existence. It would seem the agricultural and industrial society in which we live has created a glut of material goods and great poverty of time.

The introduction of the agricultural age brought to the Earth and her peoples environmental destruction, constant warfare, starvation, and moral and social decline. This came about in the need for ‘civilized’ people to ‘help’ others by bringing ‘civilization’ to them.  Could we ever be so lucky as the American Indian to be civilized by some superior culture?

Interesting way to look at it hmmm?

I find this so interesting in two different ways .

This first is that is ties in nicely with BeDoHave. I have always said that Being is most important and Having is least important.

The second is that I have become somewhat uncomfortable with  the amount of time I am investing to sustain our lifestyle compared to the time I spend with my family and on cultural pursuits. That is – continuing personal growth and development and sharing that path with others along the way.

In fact while in southwest Florida this last week with my two sons and their Scout group, I spent some time looking at live aboard sailboats. We are thinking the way of life we had aboard a small boat; traveling wherever, meeting whoever, and doing whatever allowed for a much more rewarding life than climbing any social or monetary ladder.

I ask you. Think of your life as it is. How much time are you spending just servicing and maintaining a lifestyle at the expense of family and true cultural pursuits?

I assure you there are many folks who would love to hear your story. Please share it here!

Don’t worry. Be happy.