I had to look to see where we left we the last post and it was back in Myrtle Beach fixing things…

Well… Guess what we have been doing?


First the good stuff. We had a very nice trip up to Southport, and then up the Cape Fear River to Wilmington. It is really amazing to sail in the same water that ships have since the 1700s.

But I had an engine… 😉

Wilmington was the largest cotton shipping port in the world at one time. They also built Liberty ships here during WW2 – 150 of them!

It is a really cool town and well worth a visit if you have never been. There is tons of history and they have done a very nice job of restoring and cleaning up the waterfront area.

We will be here for a couple more weeks. Shelly and Ryan are in Marion helping her mom pack up and get her house ready to sell. It is kinda quiet around Yume, but means I can tear stuff all up and work!

And I have. All the new flooring is in and looks great. We are just tickled pink with it.

This is a picture of the very forward bottom of the starboard fuel tank. It leaked again. I was so bummed I almost sat down and cried. You are looking at aluminum corrosion coming from the outside of the tank and working its way to the inside.

But after a day or two, I just opened it back up and found this. In Florida, I had cut into the middle of the tank, and left the forward part alone thinking it was ok. I was wrong.

In that hole next to the mast was a black water tank (sewage) that had to be removed, then the floor cut out, then the fiberglass, then the aluminum tank again in a different place. All fixed ( hopefully).

I have been puttering just making things better as this job progressed. The ac units have new cooling lines and have been cleaned up. The engine has a new air intake filter system. The generator engine wiring has been all redone and the alternator cleaned up and reassembled.

As we are at the dock, it is much easier to varnish so we are adding coats of varnish to the port toerails and handrails. And the mainmast got a new boot to stop water from leaking down into the boat.

Shelly sewed new cushions for a friend’s boat, and is looking for the right material to redo all ours. Then we will redo all the outside cushions.

Both of us are spending more time on paws4vets fundraising activities, especially with the Combined Federal Campaign. The plan is to keep moving north to be in DC for the late fall events.

I just hope we don’t freeze our fannies off before we can turn around and run south with the winter storms!

Ryan turned 16 last month. Amazing. We went out for Alaskan king crab and a good time was had by all.


I am getting to dislike pictures. Somehow I am starting to look my age. Why is it we have to get old?

The restaurant was right across the river from the battleship.

Very cool ship.

So we are hanging out here in NC, getting ready for the next phase which is moving to near Norfolk Va to the next event, then on up into the Chesapeake. We want to try and get to as many places as we can. Maybe up the Delaware River to Philly, then Annapolis, and the Potomac (right past General Washington’s home!) to DC where we could drop an anchor in sight of the monument to him.

How cool would that be?

Stay with us!

Instead of a picture of Goose to end this post – have you seen his new video?



And a video of living on Yume – 1st 6 months!