Leaving Marathon – Headed for Beaufort SC

Leaving Marathon – Headed for Beaufort SC

It is a blustery, cloudy, grayish kind of day as we head out the channel after 6 weeks at a mooring and anchor in Marathon.

Feels good to be moving!

It will take about 10 days or so to cover the 580 miles to Beaufort SC.  We could jump outside to the ocean into the Gulf Stream, pick up a 2-4 knot current and be there in three days but who wants to work that hard? Not me. Besides we have friends and beaches to visit.

Marathon and Boot Key Harbor is our down time after DC and we enjoyed it.

One of the really nice differences this year is that we were not faced with immediate-need repairs or tons of maintenance.

We p005 (2)layed lots of softball, chased iguanas with Goose, played some music on Saturdays evenings and generally took it easy.


We did get a couple of projects done including a new wind generator up on the mizzenmast. This is cool as it provides a small but steady stream of power as long as there are winds more than 10 mph or so. At 20 mph it is really cranking out the power which really helps keep the batteries full without having to run the on board diesel generator so much. Nice and quiet, and it is free (once the initial cost is covered by fuel and maintenance savings).

Looking back on the last six weeks I find we were very lax in taking pictures. Often when I write, it is a multi step process as all the images on the iPhone and the iPad must be moved the the laptop, sorted, edited and labeled; then I can remember what we were doing! So if there are no pics I am in trouble…

008Shelly learned how to make ‘sheet’ rugs, and now we have two very attractive new handmade rugs on our new floors. (We replaced our much appreciated foam floors right after getting here. They were in pretty sad shape after three months of Goose and TULLY!)

Speaking of TULLY, he is in one of the prison trading programs in West Virginia and we hear he is doing well. The plan is to bump him with several clients in March. We hope he finds his lifetime home then!

Our thoughts now turn to Beaufort and a huge new project. Shelly and I have been on the periphery of golf tournaments in previous lives , but have never actually put one together, sold it, then played the hosts. This should be very interesting. Another way to raise some more funds for veterans and children with disabilities to get a service dog.

Please! If you can support this project in any way, by sponsoring a veteran player, or a tee or anything, or sharing the story with just a few people who might be looking for a great cause to support – we would be so very grateful. Check it out at paws4people.org/golf

001 (2)003We did have some amazing sunrise and sunset pics from the last few weeks to share. And there will video to come as we move north again.




We are really looking forward to being in Beaufort to watch the spring come in. We haven’t spent much time in that area since we were married 30 years ago! Sheesh.

Time flies!



How Did We Get Here?

How Did We Get Here?

We get this all the time:

“How lucky you are! I would love to live your life!”

So how did we get here?

Vision. We get a vision in our heads and it consumes us! (Or me anyway…)

Hope this article helps someone. I don’t remember where I got this, but I have taught it for a long, long time – from the days when I was a personal and business coach…

Why vision works:

The need to grow is a basic human need. When you grow, you satisfy your highest need to accomplish and contribute. The vision is simply your own view of how you want to grow. Vision works because humans want to move forward which requires that you see where you are going.

Questions to help you develop your vision:

Answer these three questions, starting with the ones you checked. Each question is designed to help you decide what goes into the first draft of your personal vision. This process is always a “two steps forward and one backward type exercise”.

#1. Looking out 18 months, decide what you most want to accomplish?

#2. What is the purpose behind your work? In other words, why do you want to do this work and how does it align with the vision of your future?

#3. What is your core talent or talents that you are expecting to use as a part of this vision?

How do you know you are making progress?

  • You will be able to draw a picture of the future state you are moving toward
  • You will feel energized and focused
  • You will better appreciate that you are not your job and that a higher purpose is pulling you forward

People can sabotage their future by paying too much attention to what is going on around them. Rather than receiving ideas from a positive vision of the future, they get pulled, turned and wrapped up in problems of the day. They are condition driven. They are unknowingly over-invested in today’s actions at the expense of creating a future.

Why visions evaporate:

The number one reason people head in the wrong direction is because they are thinking too small. If you stay with past routines that have become habit, or process too carefully, you will underestimate your talent, your potential and your inner desire to have more. Ironically, what was a great opportunity both financially and personally never amounts to anything. By giving energy to the small things, they control your week, day month etc., the idea of possibility never occurs.

Having a vision requires that you accept things you may not now see.

And that my friends is why (and how) we live here:

Sailing from Beaufort SC to Marathon Fl –  In Video

Sailing from Beaufort SC to Marathon Fl – In Video

Our last post was the written story – now here it is in video. We have heard that some like the videos – ad they are a lot of fun to make (and easy) but harder to get uploaded.

We hope you enjoy them!

First up – sunrise in Beaufort SC!

Little Cumberland is just south of Jekyll Island and just north of Cumberland Island where the old Carnegie place is.

This video was from last year just to show you what Cumberland itself looks like!

We spent New Years 2016 in Fernandina on Amelia Island so we could ww the dropping of the lighted shrimp!

Coming into Jupiter inlet just above Palm Beach is always nice as we know we are entering “south Florida’. The water is now much clearer, and we start to see the big houses and big boats. We know we are getting into warm sunny weather (we hope!)

We went outside to the ocean at Palm Beach in flat calm and 5 hours later we were getting pounded by 20 knot south winds and short stumpy seas on the bow. Ryan and Shelly rode the bow like a ride for a while!

This is the same video posted a couple days ago – but it fits here as well. Can you tell I uploaded this in HD? I only wish you could have seen the colors and felt the air, and had the feeling we had while this was being filmed!

The sun came up over Biscayne Bay about an hour later. It was so amazing and I cannot even capture it on the video. As the sun came up the outer edges of the clouds lit up like LED lights. To add some effect I sped up the video by 2 and added one of my favorite songs! You have to appreciate sunrises and CS&N to watch the whole thing!

And finally – here is Ian playing for the Marathon crowd last year!

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Yume Travelin Beaufort SC to Vaca Key Fl

Yume Travelin Beaufort SC to Vaca Key Fl

We have this idea of the Florida Keys as warm and sunny. Surely one would be out lying on the beach soaking up the sun laughing at all those people getting warmly dressed to clear the snow and ice from their windshields to go to work!

It just ain’t that way!

bootkeystorm.1.2016Since we got here Jan 11 the wind has not stopped blowing! Cold fronts pass through regularly with the winds going from SE to a gusty 20 mph south then on to a near SSW gale at 30, to end up out of the N at 15-20 with cold air whistling all around as we dingy the dog a mile in to walk twice a day!

It is still better than clearing ice off the windshield!

We left Beaufort just before Christmas for the days sail to Savannah to leave the boat before renting a car to go meet the boys at Shelly’s mom’s house in the mountains of western NC.

HCS ReunionShelly and I stopped in Atlanta for the first time since selling High Country Stables in Nov 2013. We were able to have two separate get togethers with old friends and Shelly’s former riding students and a good time was had by all!

Once we made it to Marion and started unpacking Shelly asked dinnerwhere the ‘other’ bag of gifts was? It took just a few minutes to realize that a bag of presents containing small funny gifts with $250 in $20 bills for each son had gotten thrown in the trash can in the marina in Savannah two days previously in Savannah. Uh-oh.

All turned out well as the yard manager found the bag the following morning after frantic phone messages and was able to UPS it in time for Christmas! Whew!

A week later we were back in the yard and launching Yume with new bottom paint and were under way heading south with simply amazing weather.

shelly.StCatherinesThe first night found us anchored in St Catherine Sound (after passing the island where we lost GOOSE almost exactly a year before) and a nice long walk on a strange beach with lots of dead trees.

008In beautiful weather we dropped anchor the next afternoon in Fernandina Beach FL to enjoy some family time.

Amelia Island is one of our favorite places004 and after hearing the New Years including the dropping of the ‘lighted shrimp’ of course we had to stay until the following days festivities!

After that exciting evening we ran for a full day to St Augustine where we would hang out for a few days before Ian had to fly back to 003Albuquerque. We were very lucky to get the closest mooring to the Bridge of Lyons and the dinghy docks as the weather starting turning wet, windy and chilly!

We drove Ian to the airport in Jacksonville on the 3rd and left on the 4th for the Keys! With the wind out of the north and blowing we flew south. From St Augustine to Titusville to meet up our crazy Australian friend Gary. Then on to meet with friends Joe and Sue who we had not seen in 30 years. These great friends had introduced us to the Bahamas while cruising in tandem a long time ago!

Up early out of Vero Beach and all the way to Palm Beach and Lake Worth to meet up with Dave and Mary on Luck of a Fool – friends from the Keys two years previous.

We like our friends but it was nice to head out the Palm Beach channel to sea the next morning at dawn knowing we did not have to meet anyone for a few days!

What started as a beautiful flat calm dawn turned into south winds at 25 mph and a rough sea by the time we made it to Port Everglades so we tucked back in there to get inside to Miami.

All the bridges (there is one about every two miles in this section!) opened perfectly for us and we made Miami by late afternoon.

005Let’s leave us here in south Miami at anchorage knowing we are leaving early in the morning for the Keys and we will pick this story up very soon accompanied with all the video!

Goose says hi and won’t you come play!

Goose capers Island

Interim Post – Gotta Catch Up!

Interim Post – Gotta Catch Up!

It has been a blustery, rainy, yukky few days to start our 3rd winter in Marathon in the Fl keys…

But it is still a heck of a lot better than the 29 degrees in DC!

We are way behind in everything internet as we have pushed hard since Beaufort to get here so Ryan could have a few weeks before we turn around and head back north.

Everyone is waiting on me to go in to shore (especially Goose!) but I wanted to get something out this morning.

This video was shot about a week ago as we picked up the anchor and headed south out of Miami Beach into Biscayne Bay and on down the keys. From here we are two days from Marathon but the water is clear, the winds are balmy and all is right with the world!

More videos to come!

Southbound. DC to Beaufort NC.

Southbound. DC to Beaufort NC.

We are moving again. It’s nice.

Left DC on a chilly breezy Sunday morning after driving TULLY and the Tahoe we were using back to Wilmington and hopping a quick flight back. (Note: DC to Wilmington:  6 hrs by car, 1.25 via plane and 6 days by boat!)

I knew the weather called for NW winds but did not expect the 30 mph gusts within the first hour back on the water! We ended up basically sleigh riding before a strong northerly all the way out the Potomac day one and day two. Then the third morning was motoring calm around Smith Point Light and out into the Chesapeake.

After an overnight stop in Deltaville, Va we pulled in for fuel the day before Thanksgiving as we were headed for the Dismal Swamp Canal and there is no fuel for a day or two. It’s nice to be full in those conditions. But plans change.

We were waiting at the last bridge coming out of Norfolk for a tug and barge to allow us through during restricted hours. (Some of these bridges will not open at all during the two hours of morning and afternoon rush hour.)

As we were going round in circles waiting, we heard the all too familiar sound of the damper plate springs being thrown around by the flywheel. Uh-oh.

It was not too hard to baby Yume through the bridge and a just a mile further to a marina dock just after dark. We decided to splurge on dinner at the nice restaurant, and in the morning verified that the damper plate had indeed failed for the third time in two years. I am getting very good at fixing these.

Of course it had to happen on Thanksgiving weekend right?

Short version is I found something locally on Friday but it did not work and we had to stay (and pay) on the dock until Monday. So we rented a car and drove up to visit Williamsburg on Saturday and the movies Sunday. Got the part Mon morning, installed it by noon and we were off and running.

The first day in the rain and cold saw us only just past the Great Bridge lock and bridge as it was already too late to make the next anchorage before dark.

Up and underway at 530 after walking Goose, it took me an hour to realize I had screwed up and not looked ahead to the next bridge which was restricted (no openings) between 630 and 830. We pulled up to the bridge at 635 had to anchor right there for two hours! That messed up the whole days planning!

Next day we made it past Coinjock Va and at anchorage in a wide open area in the North River in calm weather. Next morning we left at 445 praying not to pick up a crab float in the prop as visibility was 0, and motored down Albemarle Sound, into and down the Alligator River, and through the canal to the Pungo River and on into Bellhaven NC. 12 long hours – 75 miles!

Bellhaven is a really small old lumber town that we like a lot. During the night, an anticipated cold front blew in hard and we bounced, rattled and rolled but felt safe with the new anchor from last year.

In the morning the wind was blowing fairly hard but Goose and I got the dinghy down and went in for morning business. The dinghy was back on board and sails set leaving the harbor as the sun peeked up on a cold windy ride to to Bock Marina in Beaufort NC. Emphasize cold and windy.

We will hang out there a day or two then move onto Beaufort Sc by next week. There is much to do in a short time in preparation for the May 16 p4p golf fundraiser…

Then we rush down to Savannah, leave the boat for a week and drive up to Asheville for Christmas with the boys and Grammy. Ian is coming back with us for a week of sailing before he has to be back in loadmaster school in Albuquerque.

We seem to be breaking all the rules of sailing which is promise to be somewhere or meet on a certain day but never ever do both at the same time! And paying for it by having to hurry and worry. The antithesis of boat life.

Looking forward to some sun and slow time in the keys.

We will try to get a post up before the 25th but if not from our family to yours we wish you a very happy Christmas season!