Well hi there.

For the past four weeks we have been hitting it pretty hard getting our (new to us) 33ft Airstream Land Yacht brought up to date and termite free!

The first video is in this post.

Then this one.

She looks good. Would you like to see?

The plan was to leave this last Sunday – but found a slow leak in a tire and took the RV in to get that fixed. The owner at the Goodyear place talked me in to spending $1000 for 6 new tires as the current ones are 11 years old and probably not the safest on the road. I agonized over that decision – but as in all things we are definitely watched over. As they pulled the double wheels off the drive shaft, it was readily apparent the brakes were ready for catastrophic failure. We would have found out by breaking down somewhere far, far away from help.

Parts were ordered and delivered Tuesday. We spent the extra two days getting some more projects done inside and out, and moved out of Ian’s house and into our new home on Monday night.

It took two men 5 hours to fix the brakes on Tuesday and we got on the road about 4. We drove to Camping World Valdosta (our new favorite store) to pick up some new exterior marker lights for the roof and realized the alternator had died – again. NAPA had to order that for the next day. We camped right there and was at NAPA at noon to swap out the alternator (and replaced a fuel filter while at it).

Back on the road at 2 and arrive Jacksonville Fl (where we bought the Airstream Feb 1!) to visit friends Cathy and Dave and show off our work. Everyone was suitably impressed.

Tomorrow we are off early to Brunswick to check on Yume and give her a bath – then on up the road towards Beaufort and the golf tournament.

We are super glad to be moving and not tearing stuff up or getting out every tool we own!

Stay in touch!